The platform for monitoring the condition of chronic patients. Chronic patient's health diary online, communication with the doctor, and treatment supervision.
UX/UI design
The customer of this application wanted to combine the two functions of health diaries of chronic patients and communication with the doctor to adjust the treatment online. The application was developed as part of the B2B SAAS project, i.e. it can be used by any network of medical centers, at the moment this solution is included in the package with other functions and can be connected to any of the 20 partners.
About project
Create a mobile app and solve the problems of chronic patients who will be regular patients
The main problems of chronic patients:
  • Uncomfortable paper diary
  • If you keep a diary in a mobile app, the doctor won't see it
  • Constant presence in the clinic, in queues
  • A lot of questions, in order to get answers you need to make another appointment with the doctor
  • There is not enough information and training about how to behave when you have this disease
  • You have to go to many doctors and have many examinations, so you have to write everything down somewhere so you don't forget everything.
Design process
The service was developed using the Double Diamond methodology, which includes 4 steps.
UX design, prototyping, final evaluation of the project from the design side and the customer has sent a prototype to developers to fully evaluate the final cost and timing of the project.
User Flow
Before the design, wireframes were created in order to quickly create and test hypotheses, fully estimate the timing and cost of design and project development. In this project, two prototypes were made for the mobile application and the web.
Mobile app
Web application
Web application for a doctor
Main outcome
As part of the task, a mobile and web application was developed for the patient, as well as a doctor's office.
The following problems were solved.
Electronic diary with charts available to your doctor.
Make appointments with your doctor in the clinic or online.
View your doctor's appointments, mark them for completion, reminders.
The tests you take in the clinic will be available in your personal account.
An educational platform where any question will be answered.
Communication with a doctor
Portraits of the users of their tasks and problems are outlined. 
A JTBD was compiled, solutions and user paths to the end goal were worked out.
Developed a prototype, which helped to see and test the solution before its full implementation, as well as to estimate the cost and timing of the entire project.
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